Products Overview

In its role of supporting the global geoanalytical community, the IAG is making available a range of reference materials. These are:

Certified Reference Materials

The production and certification of these materials to the highest metrological standards is carried out by the IAG Certification Committee according to the IAG Certification Procotol [1, 2], which takes account of ISO Guides 34 and 35.
Because of the variety of composition of geological materials, the Certification Committee of the IAG places great emphasis on the qualifications of the laboratories supplying data for each certification exercise. They are selected on the basis of their performance in the IAG’s GeoPT proficiency testing programme. Only experienced laboratories that achieve outstanding results for a GeoPT material of the same or similar matrix are invited to contribute data for the assignment of the final certified values and calculation of measurement uncertainty.

Reference Materials

These are derived from the IAG’s long running GeoPT interlaboratory proficiency testing programme for the analysis of silicate rocks and other environmental materials. While not meeting absolutely all the criteria of a CRM, the assigned values for these materials are supported by a huge amount of information which is provided in detailed reports on each material.

Microanalytical Reference Materials

Currently, our main product is zircon 91500, which has been characterised for its U-Th-Pb, hafnium and oxygen isotopic systematics, and represents one of the best characterised geochemical reference materials for microanalysis.
The IAG is actively seeking other natural high quality minerals that will make suitable reference materials for microanalysis. Once such materials have been identified, they will be characterised and made available to the geochemical community to facilitate interlaboratory comparisons of data. These materials may include minerals such as calcite, aragonite, sulfides, quartz and apatite.

Other Materials

These include DROsS, an osmium isotope reference solution, and a synthetic germanium-bismuth glass, doped with five selected trace elements for the coarse mass calibration of SIMS instruments.

How to Order

Please send an email to listing the materials you wish to buy.

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  • Purchasers in the UK and those in the EU not registered for VAT (Sales tax) will be charged VAT at 20%. Customers in EU member states who are registered for VAT and supply a valid VAT number, and those outside the EU will not be charged VAT.
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  • Delivery charges will vary depending on the material and the purchaser’s address and are typically in the range £15-£30.
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1. J.S. Kane, P.J. Potts, M. Wiedenbeck, J. Carignan and S. Wilson (2003). International Association of Geoanalysts’ protocol for the certification of geological and environmental reference materials. Geostandards Newsletter: The Journal of Geostandards and Geoanalysis, 27, 227-244

2. J.S. Kane, P.J. Potts, T. Meisel and M. Wiedenbeck (2007). International Association of Geoanalysts’ protocol for the certification of geological and environmental reference materials: a supplement. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 31, 285-288