Isotope Ratio Reference Materials

The IAG supports an ongoing programme for the characterisation and distribution of high quality materials targeting the calibration of isotope ratio determinations based on in situ analytical methods. These include tourmalines characterised for Li, B and O isotope ratios and apatites for Cl ratios. In addition, apatites MGMH#133648 and MGMH#128441A have recently been characterised for oxygen isotopes as well.

A single aliquot consists of approximately 100 mg of material.

The apatite samples cover almost the full compositional space of the F-Cl-OH system as shown in the ternary plot.

The Durham Romil Osmium Solution (DROsS) prepared at the University of Durham, UK, as an osmium isotope reference solution is also available through the IAG.

Purchase Code Material(s) Isotope systems Citation *Price
Tourmaline set Dravite, Schorl, Elbaite [a]

δ7Li, δ11B, δ18O

Leeman and Tonarini (2001), Wiedenbeck et al. (2021) 450 GBP
MGMH apatite set MGMH#133648, MGMH#128441A

δ37Cl, δ18O

Wudarska et al. (2021, 2022) 450 GBP
Apatite TUBAF#37 TUBAF#37


Wudarska et al. (2021) 150 GBP
Apatite TUBAF#38 TUBAF#38


Wudarska et al. (2021) 150 GBP
Apatite TUBAF#40 TUBAF#40


Wudarska et al. (2021) 150 GBP
Apatite TUBAF#50 TUBAF#50 [b]


Wudarska et al. (2021) 300 GBP
Apatite MZ-TH MZ-TH


Wudarska et al. (2022) 150 GBP
Apatite ES-MM ES-MM


Wudarska et al. (2022) 300 GBP
Osmium solution DROsS


Luguet et al. (2008) 150 GBP
*discount available to IAG members


[a] These are the same materials as described under in the section headed “Reference Materials for Light Elements” under Microanalytical Reference Materials

[b] There is very limited supply of this particular material and we therefore ask scientists interested in purchasing it to provide evidence of previous work on this isotope system.

References for Isotope Ratio materials:

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