DROsS Os isotope reference solution

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DROsS Os isotope reference solution

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Reference Values
187Os / 188Os = 0.160924 ± 4 186Os / 188Os = 0.1199293 ± 58

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The Durham Romil Osmium Solution (DROsS) was prepared at the University of Durham, UK, as a 2000 µg mL-1 Os standard solution from (NH4)2OsCl6 in 5 mol L-1 HCl. The solution was characterised by Ambre Luguet, Geoff Nowell and Graham Pearson (1) using MC-ICP-MS and N-TIMS at the University of Durham.

This solution is to be used as a quality control solution but could also be used for normalisation purposes similar to “delta-zero” standard solutions for other isotope systems. Currently there is plenty of solution available (ca. 4 litres), thus the absolute ratio could be determined in the future to convert the “delta” values to absolute numbers.

The material is available in units of 4 ml in a PTFE bottle, protected inside a polyethylene sachet.

1. Luguet A, Nowell GM, Pearson DG. 184Os / 188Os and 186Os / 188Os measurements by Negative Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (N-TIMS): Effects of interfering element and mass fractionation corrections on data accuracy and precision. Chem Geol. 2008;248(3-4):342-62.