MGL-OShBO Alkaline Granite

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MGL-OShBO Alkaline Granite

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This alkaline granite was collected from “Tsagaan Horoot” of Buren Somon in the Central Province of Mongolia and prepared as a candidate reference material by the Central Geological Laboratory, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The material consists of a homogeneous powder of which 93.3% passed a 63 μm sieve, while 0.44% was larger than 100 μm.

The mineralogy of the sample (in % m/m) has been determined as 32.2 albite, 32.1 potassium feldspar, 31.5 quartz, 3.7 muscovite, lepidolite, 0.35 topaz, apatite, with minor zircon, sphene, magnetite, ilmenite and pyrite.

The material is available in units of 100 g packaged in a polyethylene bottle.