OU-2 Belford dolerite

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OU-2 Belford dolerite

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This dolerite was collected from Craghill roadstone quarry, Belford, Northumberland, England. Its mineral composition is plagioclase, feldspar, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene and opaque oxides, the plagioclase grains being up to 0.5 mm long with clinopyroxene as polycrystalline aggregates up to 1.2 mm across. The sample was taken from surplus material remaining after preparation of the IWG-GIT reference material WS-E and a full field description can be found in Govindaraju et al. 1994 (Geostandards Newsletter 18, 211-300)

The material is available in units of 35 g packaged in a polyethylene sachet.